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Registered Nurse specializing in

Being the change I want to see in this world!

I am Lashauna! I am the Owner and Operator of Lit Body Sculpting & Wellness LLC. We were founded in May 2020. Although, I am fairly new to this industry I am not new to health & wellness. I have been serving my community as a nurse for over 20 years! I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the body, disease processes, provided quality patient care and teaching to patients and their families. Nursing has been very rewarding for me, however, I wanted to do more! Obesity is the cause of so many diseases and disorders. Prevention is the key to combating these illnesses and diseases. So, after training, researching, and trying body contouring myself I wanted to share so I can help others reach their health and wellness goals! Body contouring has allowed me the opportunity to do just that. Body contouring worked for me so with some consistency and discipline it can work for you!

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