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Wax,Steam and Chill

Tired of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, hormonal imbalances or ingrown hairs? Book a session! Take care of your yoni( vagina) today by booking our wax, steam and chill session.We can help you with our luxury spa services!

Benefits of waxing is it lasts longer,Saves you time and money,ideal for Sensitive Skin,safer than shaving,exfoliates the skin.

Benefits of vaginal steaming: Soothes menstrual cramps 🔥 Helps heal the reproductive system after birth 🔥 Helps treat fibroids and ovarian cyst 🔥 Increases fertility 🔥 Cleanses and Detoxify 🔥 Balances PH 🔥 Helps Treat  infections 🔥 Helps treat bacterial infections 🔥 Helps treat urinary tract infections 🔥 Helps treat hemorrhoids 🔥 Helps heal C-section scars 🔥 Can boost libido 🔥 Relaxation and meditation Bring a friend and save! Book now: Yoni care at home kits are available for purchase. It includes all natural yoni wash,yoni oil  and yoni wipes & yoni pops for $25

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